I had some hardening under my left nipple which was grade 3 gynecomastia after 2 I extracted the drain tube? (Photo)

i have hardening under my left nipple i marked it in the pic it goes medially upward in 1-1.5 inch daimeter it appeared after weak and a half from the sergery i went to another plastic surgeon he said that it was seroma with hematoma after 1.5 month from the operation i went to my first plastic surgeon he told me was some kind of fat reforming in the area and it will be degraded he give me RX of new gell wich is used for scars and told me to massage it to day is exactly2 month since my operation

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Healing Time and Massaging Lumpy Areas Following Gynecomastia Surgery

Massaging the areas will help soften the scar tissue which feel "lumpy” and irregular areas. This hardening or tight feeling will decreases with time and massaging can help it.

Bruising and #swelling are normal and usually increase slightly after the removal of any tape or foam. The bruising will decrease over 3-4 weeks, but may last as long as 6 weeks. The majority of the swelling will be gone within the first 3-4 weeks. However, it may take 6-9 weeks to disappear completely. 
The #compression garment helps reduce the swelling, and the longer it is worn, the more quickly you will #heal. It can also assist in the retraction of the skin.

If you have any concerns about #healing, its best to ask questions of your surgeon or their nursing staff.

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Hardening after gynaecomastia procedure

Thanks for your question.

I find hardening behind the nipple is very common after this type of surgery. When we remove the tissue we leave behind a sort of cavity or empty space that at the beginning get filled with fluid and blood and after with scar tissue. Keep massaging and you will see an improvement in the next few months as the scar tissue soften up.


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