Could I have my upper lip shortened during rhino to help with tooth show when smiling? (Photo)

I don't want to tolerate the operation of bringing my maxilla lower and it's side effects. ***with a very very little upward pressure on my columella about half of my tooth crowns in seen. . is it reasonable to ask my surgeon to shorten my upperlip just about 3 mm during rhino to reduce my problem at least combined with cosmetic dentistry? should I be worried about eschars? I've heard that the incision is done from the inside of the lip?

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Lip shortening with rhinoplasty

While lip shortening can be done at the time of your rhinoplasty, I would recommend discussing with your dentist first to see if your planned cosmetic procedures will help with the show of your teeth. Sometimes just the slight extra length from caps on the incisors can be enough to make the difference for you.

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