Go for light sheer or candela gentle max pro? (photos)

hello,i am 25 ear old middle eastern with type 3-4 of skin and i am very hairy(coarse dark hair) i usually shave but i almost have to it every 3 or 4 days and its so discomfortable for me i want to start hair removal treatment but i can't decide between light sheer or candela gentle max pro laser i want to make my body hair as low as possible especially in my arms,back,chest and stomach any suggestion which type should i use?

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Light Sheer Diode vs Candela Gentle Max Pro

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The Lightsheer diode is the original laser almost all diodes are based on.  However, there are differences in the fluence (power) and cooling of each type of diode.  The newer Lightsheer (termed the Duet) has two sizes a large and a small.  The large handpiece tends to be underpowered for Middle Eastern patients while the small handpiece tends to lack the proper cooling.  In my practice, I like diodes lasers with enough fluence and large spot size and proper cooling (we use a diolaze) for Middle Eastern patients since they tend be more efficient and effective.  Nd:YAG, the candela gentle max pro, is a good option using Nd:YAG component but it may require more sessions since it is a less efficient laser than newer diodes.

There are a variety of lasers which can be used for Middle Eastern Skin.  It is important  to chose a laser clinic with physicians and staff who work with ethnic skin as the margin of safety is much lower than with lighter skin types with thinner hair.  

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