Can jolting and hard move in car affect the Rhinoplasty results 10 week post-op?

Yesterday (10 weeks after rhinoplasty) i went to cinema with my friend but the road was so bumpy and his car is sport car and I think whitout shock-absorber and it shocked alot and very hard can it affect rhinoplasty result ?

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10 weeks postop

After 10 weeks the nose is well healed and strong enough to handle any jolts and bumps while in a car as long as there is nothing hitting the nose. 



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Thank you for your question.

At this stage in your recovery, bouncing in a car should not affect anything unless you nose came in contact with something due to the bouncing and jolting. If you are concerned, I would recommend scheduling an appointment with your plastic surgeon to have a nasal examination performed. Best of luck in your recovery.

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Recovering from rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a term describing an operation that changes the nose. Sometimes, the operation is very subtle tip work whereas other times, there are more substantial changes. Only your surgeon knows exactly what was done in your surgery. In the vast majority of cases, the nose is stable after 6 weeks. It is thus unlikely you did damage bouncing in a car, but if you are concerned, you should speak with your surgeon. Best of luck.

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Rhinoplasty at 10 wks

By about 6-8 weeks, most noses are pretty solid and I highly doubt bouncing in a car would cause any untoward effects on your nose.

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Can jolting in car affect rhinoplasty result 10 weeks after surgery?

I would not think that jolting caused by a bumpy car ride would affect the results of your rhinoplasty 10 weeks after surgery.  

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