I've been self conscience about my gummy smile... Any suggestions? (photos)

hi I have a Gummy smile problem since I was a kid. When I smile my upper gum tissue can be seen too prominent, and this is bothering me a lot. In past few years, I had few dental operations on my front and upper teeth like bounding... I really want to know if there are any good treatments for Gummy smile problem. Is there any permanent solution/treatment? I'll be grateful if you please let me know about these treatments. thanking you in advance.

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Excellent Treatments Available

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Thanks for posting your question and photos. Yes, there are some excellent treatments that can provide permanent results for a gummy smile. Patients concerned about gummy smiles were once limited to jaw surgery, which often included breaking the upper jaw and removing some of the bone. Today, there are very effective alternatives, such as lip lowering surgery, crown lengthening, or removing excess gum tissue. Any of these procedures can create the attractive smile you want. It's important to find a qualified specialist, such as a periodontist, who can physically examine your facial anatomy and recommend the best treatment.

Skeletal analysis

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the most important thing is to have an skeletal analysis to understand what happened with the bone position, skeletal and dental analysis is very important.
this procedure can be very successful with a combined technique, there are 2 options, surgical, and crowns, with bone and gum modifications, or just bone and gum, but yes you can reach a much better layout. 

Gummy smile

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Your upper jaw has grown down too much. By pushing it up surgically the gummy smile would disappear. You will be able to close your lips properly and may get an enhanced aesthetics in the chin area as well.

Majid Jamali, DMD
New York Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
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