Why Would IPL Make a Dent Like Appearance to my Cheeks? Feels Like a Rash.

Hi. I had IPL yesterday for some capillary issues, and today there is a weird almost "dent" like appearance to my lower cheeks under my cheekbones, I can't tell it it is swollen or not, but it feels like a rash and looks much worse that before i did this, i had very smooth skin. Its ruddy and raised in some parts.. what is this, and will it go away? I am really scared.

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IPL Recovery

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It is very possible that everything you are describing is "routine" healing from the IPL.  Give it some time and try not to panic.  Follow up with your provider to make sure you have reached your goals from the procedure.  Good luck!

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IPL post care

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All patients respond differently to IPL. There are many reasons you might have this "dent". And yes, it could be swelling or knot-like. Also, it could be that in treating this area (the bonier areas are harder to get full contact with the laser), the head of the machine lifted a bit and created an arc, in which case you have a minor spot that should resolve. The ruddiness can happen after an IPL due to the destruction of the broken capillaries, which is quite normal and should resolve. I would recommend that you apply some hydrocortisone to the areas of the face that are ruddy or raised and that should help dissipate some of the redness. Apply it after cool water. You can pick hydrocortisone up at any pharmacy for just a few dollars. If you are still concerned, call the office that performed your procedure. They should be able to discuess your concerns and give you post-care tips.

IPL treatments and side effects

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Each patient responds differently to IPL treatments.  Depending on the energy used, you may feel some textural changes or swelling in your skin that will go away with time.  Since you just had your treatment yesterday, I would give it at least 2 weeks to resolve.  If you are still concerned, please return to whomever treated you for an evaluation.

Sheri G. Feldman, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologist

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