IPL Vs Genesis Laser for Facial Spider Veins Effective?

I recently purchased a package of 2 IPL treatments to treat redness and to get rid of a few spider veins on my nose and cheeks. I had my first IPL treatment 2 weeks ago. It was so painful that the PA had to talk me into continuing.Only at the end did she mention numbing cream. When I refused to schedule the 2nd treatment, the nurse recommended I try Genesis laser instead. Question: Am I better off using the numbing cream and IPL vs the Genesis laser for spider veins?

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Facial spider veins

Neither treatment is great for spider veins. The laser that does Genesis also has a setting for vein removal. That's what you want.

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Is Laser Treatment for Spider Veins Painful?

Hello.  First we'd like to address the issue of numbing cream use while treating spider veins.  Using numbing cream while treating spider veins is a mistake, especially for small blood vessels on the face.  Lidocaine can have a "vasconstrictor" effect.  This is when the small blood vessels constrict and some of the blood is forced out of them.  This is not what we want when treating the veins, rather we want the veins to be full of blood so that they can absorb most of the light from the treatment.

As to the issue of what's better, the IPL or the laser genesis, we think the Genesis would be the better option.  An IPL is not a laser and generally has a tougher time with small veins than a long pulsed Yag laser (1064) like the Genesis.  Another option is a KTP laser (532) for small facial veins. 

Click on the link below to access our website and see before and after photos of spider vein removal with a Yag laser. 

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