IPL Treatment for Under Eye Area?

What are your views on IPL treatment for blood vessels or broken capillaries under the eyes? Would you recommend it? Thank you!

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IPL may help with the broken capillaries, but not so much for regular under eye vessels

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Thanks for your question.

IPL is an excellent treatment for broken capillaries, and if they are superficial underneath the eye, it should work quire well. However, IPL is not an ideal choice for bigger blood vessels underneath the eye. For these bigger blood vessels, other lasers may be tried, but I would not anticipate significant improvement with our current technologies.

If you have broken red capillaries under the eye, go ahead and try the IPL. You would also do very well with a V-Beam laser, and maybe even an Nd:Yag laser. Please make sure that no matter which laser you choose to do, that you have your eyes well protected.

Good luck!

Beverly Hills Dermatologist

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