IPL Treats Rosacea and Fraxel Treats Wrinkles and Acne Scars, What is the Best Laser to Treat Both?

I have had IPL in the past and fraxel, however, it would be more cost effective and less time consuming if anyone knew of any specific laser that would idealy improve acne scarring, wrinkles and acne scarring at the same time? Is there any laser that treats these conditions effectively simultaneously. I would be extremely grateful for a reply. Thanks.

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Best laser for multi treatments

There just isn't a laser that's capable of doing all of these things at one time. IPL is a light and that's why it targets discolorations. Fraxel is a deep radio frequency that allows it to tighten and alleviate scarring. No laser on the market currently has the ability to do all of these things simultaneously. Although the one that does it the closest is the Syneron IPL because it's FotoFacial portion actually does have IPL and radio frequency together. The RF though is just lesser than the concentrated format of a Fraxel, but it does have some radio frequency to drive the IPL into deeper pigment problems. So, if you HAVE to just pick one thing to do, I'd find a physician's office with a Syneron FotoFacial system!

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