Having IPL Treatments While on Bactrim DS and Retin-A?

Can I have IPL treatments while on Bactrim DS and Retin-A? I just started these meds a week ago and I am going in for my first IPL in a few days.

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Wait a few more Days

I do not think the Retin A will be a problem at all. In fact chances are it will enhance the effect of the IPL.

Bacrim, on the other hand could possibly be a problem. The odds are slim, but I am assuming you are on Bactrim DS for a ten day course. If so, I can not see the harm in postponing the IPL treatment for 3-4 more days.

Bactrim has the potential for photoallergy. What this means, like drug allergies in general, only a few people will have a problem with it. This is unlike a phototoxic drug such as Doxycycline, in which everybody will develop a reaction to it if the dosage is high enough. Although you probably do not have an allegy and the exposure time would be limited, I would eliminate any chance of a problem by waiting a few days. However, I am very conservative in these things, and realize that most sources will tell you that it is OK.

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