5 IPL Treatments and No Results

Now DR. Wants to Use Qswitch Laser. What Do You Think? I had used Triluma for a year with no results. Just finished 5 IPL treatments and had no improvement. Now doctor want to use Q switch laser. What do you think? I have it on one cheek .

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No results after IPL treatments

I presume you are talking about hyperpigmentation that is not responding to TriLuma or IPL.

If this is melasma, it may be partially or completely dermal, which would mean it does not respond to either topical fading creams or to IPL.  Dermal melasma can potentially respond to fractional laser resurfacing or to q switched laser (such as Nd YAG) treatment.

If this is post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, it may also respond to these two modalities but will fail Triluma and IPL.

I would consider doing a small skin biopsy for a more correct diagnosis.  There are also rare skin conditions like erythema dyschromicum perstans which is an inflammatory skin condition that would at least initially require a different type of treatment altogether.

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