IPL Treatment for Arm. Interval Between Treatments?

I have had 13 treatments of ipl for hair removal on arm. After which I still have hairs. The first four treatments were spaced weekly apart. After which they changed to a new machine and I felt a great difference in treatment. The first four treatments were not painful, I felt nothing at all. I was told to come back every week and hair growth was coarse. My friend brushed against me and noted it was like sandpaper. On the 5th visit when a new machine was used I felt the treatment was painful.

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Ipl for hair removal instead of laser

Lasers such as the LightSheer DUET are more effective for hair removal than IPL.  Best results are with fair skin and dark hair.  If your arm hair is light in colour, neither IPL nor laser will work.

Laser treatments for the arms should be done 8-10 weeks apart since the hair needs to be in the correct growing stage to work.  More frequent treatments are useless.  Typically, 5 or more treatments are necessary.

You must not be tanned before your treatment and must avoid the sun after your treatments to prevent burning or brown pigmentation. 

You should see a dermatologist who has the correct laser for your skin type and hair and can advise you about the frequency of your treatments.

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IPL hair removal on arms, how often to go back

I hate to say this, but you are clearly wasting your money. Hair grows in specific cycles and hair on the arms and legs particularly takes months in between cycles. Repeating treatments during this time does nothing - it treats the hair follicles that have already been treated only and does nothing else to assist with removal. Once a hair follicle has been treated it doesn't need to be retreated again until another cycle, which is normally about 10-12 weeks out, minimum. The office you are going to clearly doesn't understand hair growth cycles or how IPL (which is actually NOT the recommended treatment for hair reduction anymore!) works. I would suggest you find another office to go to because you are wasting your time and money.

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