IPL Treatment- Taking Filter off for More Intense Treatment?

I just had my first IPL treatment, and the esthetician who did the treatment said she would take off the filter for my next two treatments, because she wanted me to be able to see results and "get my skin as healthy as possible."

Right away, that set up a red flag for me. I got home and did a little research. It seems like taking off the filter would be an extraordinarily bad idea. I'm torn between just asking her to keep the filter on, and just plain not going back to her for my treatments.

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IPL treatments - Filters are there for a reason

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Filters are used to selectively treat both different conditions and different skin types.  The IPL machine we use, Sciton Broad Band Light would not even turn on without a filter inserted into the handpiece.

I would really be concerned about serious side effects like burns or pigmentation changes, and it doesn't sound like this person knows what they are doing or talking about.  In fact, they sound dangerous.

My recommendation is not to go back there for treatments anymore.

Short Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

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