Ipl Treatment Not Effective For Hair Removal On Legs?

I had ipl treatment for hair removal of my legs yesterday, but the doctor didn't even visit me and a woman whom i think was the secretary did set the machine and performed it. it didn't hurt AT ALL! and after that non of my leg's hair weakened, I feel that this machine was set too low for my skin, although it is light and I have dark hairs, unfortunately I have paid for 5 sesseions and I don't know what to do for next sessions,I'm afraid of growing more hairs as a result of hair root stimulation

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There are many things to comment on here. First, physicians are not required to see any patients (depending on the state!) before they are treated. However, it is my opinion that physician's offices are the best places for treatments, assuming the staff is properly trained and supervised. Second, if the "secretary" was a well trained staff member, it's ok. Some offices do have staff members that share responsibilities of front office work and back office work, that's not uncommon if it's a shared work philosophy so everyone is responsible for everything. That means, though, that this person should have been trained on the laser, and that's something you need to confirm.

Regarding your actual treatment, IPL isn't the most effective treatment for hair removal, or the most efficient. Those treatments tend to be more painful and longer than newer, higher grade machines like YAG and diode lasers. However, the "pain" level is not what should be used to measure an effective treatment. Settings are based on skin tone, hair color, location of the treatment, etc., so there are many factors and "pain" is not one. Normally, machine levels are moved higher as more treatments are done.

Finally, you will NOT see immediate results from laser hair removal. It should take several weeks, especially on the legs, to notice much of anything. At that point, you might see a bit of patchiness and hair softening. But you should not have expected to see anything within one day - that is impossible! And finally, lasers don't stimulate hair roots and make more hairs grow. That's also impossible.

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