Is IPL Treatment Combined with Radio Frequency Safe?and when Do I Have to Shave?

In my second hair removal session I was informed that the clinical will upgrade its IPL machine and start using another that combines IPL and RF. Should I be worried? Another question I have is related to shaving. I was told that I should shave on the same day of my treatment. When I was reading answers from doctors on this site, some said that shaving must be done on the same day while others said 4-5 days before. Which is the right answer?

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As long as the doctor knows the parameters of the IPL-RF hair removal equipment

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The effectiveness and safety of the procedure depends on whether the machine parameters can be set for your skin type and also, very importantly, the knowledge and experience of the doctor treating you with this equipment.

As far as shaving is concerned, I prefer that patients shave 2-3 days before the procedure.

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