Is IPL Therapy for Chest or Face

I need to have my face and a few areas on my chest treated (red and brown marks/sun damage). Can I have IPL for these areas, or is it for one area only? I'm also wondering approximately how much would it cost to have the treatment on these areas.

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All these areas can be treated

It is extremely common to treat multiple area with IPL. It works very well for sun damaged skin on the face, neck and chest, and hands. There is a series of treatments you will need spaced 3-4 weeks apart and most offices offer package rates for these treatments. The prices vary widely so you will need to make some calls in your area.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Can be used in multiple areas

The IPL is routinely used in multple areas. Some practices charge per area and others do not. The IPL is excellent for the problem you have mentioned. You will be amazed at the results, especially for pigmented areas.

Charges vary. Most practices sell IPL treatments in a package since IPL treatments work best after a series of treatments. Our practice sells a package of 5 for $500; one treatment is sold for $120. Prices vary of course.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist
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IPL & BBL for photorejuvenation of the face, neck and chest

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) & Broad Band Light (BBL) work very well for improving sun damaged areas of the face, neck, chest and hands.  This is a very common procedure performed in my office and requires no "downtime" but the optimal results are obtained with a series of 3-4 treatments spaced approximately 3-4 weeks apart.

Since this procedure is almost always performed in a series of treatments we offer a discounted package pricing for each of the areas to be treated.

Jacque P. LeBeau, MD
Pensacola Facial Plastic Surgeon
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IPL for any area

In experienced hands, IPL can be used anywhere to help fade red and brown spots and stimulate some collagen to make skin fresher.  Prices vary so call different places but it is best to be treated under supervision of a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologist
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