Terrible Spots After IPL

It's been two weeks after I had p IPL, and they look brighter red than they did a week ago! They were bumpy, but that's gone down, but my skin was clear and now it's terrible. I can't stand to look at myself. I feel like this will never go away. Will they eventually fade?

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Time heals most things

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IPL treatments do initially make dark spots on the face even darker, even to the point of looking "burned" (as some people describe it). Exfoliation will help the dark skin to slough more quickly. You should be using a comprehensive skin care regimen (something to treat hyperpigmentation), which will aid in exfoliation and depigmentation (lightening of dark spots). If you are doing these things and still have concerns, please go back to see your doctor or another physician who is experienced with IPL treatments and skin care.

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