Had 2 IPL Sessions for Rosacea. Flushing Much More & More Persistent Redness Than Before Procedure. Should I Continue? (photo)

I chose IPL to help with my rosacea, persistent redness & flushing. After my 1st session, I was fine. I had my 2nd session almost 4 weeks ago & all was fine until 8 days after. I started to flush & couldn't control it. Now, my face is much more red in the spots that were treated than before IPL. My 3rd session is tomorrow & I'm scared. I have very fair skin. Should I continue? Is my skin too sensitive & am I doing more damage to it? I thought I would see some improvement but it looks much worse.

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V-Star or V-Beam for Rosacea.

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Hi Heather.  Dr. Law is right.  So often, physicians will use an IPL because they only have to buy one machine.  A pulsed dye laser is the gold standard for red flushing and Rosacea.  Be aware to ask your practitioner about bruising treatments and whether those would be advised for you as they do involve downtime.  

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IPL is not for Rosacea - Use the Vbeam

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The Vbeam is the gold standard for rosacea and vascular issues of the face like spider veins.  IPL is not a laser. It is scattered light.  I have never seen a peer reviewed medical journal evaluate an IPL as the ideal treatment for rosacea.

Michael Law, MD
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