Swimming in Chlorinated Pool After IPL

I had IPL 5 days ago for sun damage or brown spots. I had it done a year ago and I think it helped. The doctor and I felt I could benefit from another treatment. I also have a stubborn actinic keratosis around my eyebrow that needs to be frozen again.

I would say about half of my black specks have already flaked off and I have a scab where the keratosis was. When can I go swimming in a chlorinated pool without jeopardizing my results?

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Worry More About the Sun

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I wouyld be more concerned about the sun than the chlorine. Your skin is still in a hypersensitive state and sun exposure should be limited. The fact that you needed another IPL treatment seems to indicate that you are not protecting your skin enough.

It does seem that you got a very nice result and the IPL removed both the lentigines and actnic keratosis.

Virginia Beach Dermatologist

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