IPL for Red Sun Damaged Skin - Will It Have to Be Treated Every Year?

i had treatment on face with effudix and left skin red will ipl work on this and will it remove redness permenently i don`t want to have to top up every year as i don`t have the funds

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IPL after Efudex

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As with all things skin related it is difficult to say definitively what the best treatment would be without seeing you. It is quite normal to remain pinkish/reddish for weeks to a few months after Efudex treatment. If after that period of time you are still pink, then IPL would be helpful to help diminish redness.  Depending on your skin tone and type (fair skinned/fair eyed/reddish complexion) you may need to, or should consider, periodic maintenance treatments to keep your skin in good shape.  Combining IPL with something like Levulan in the future may also help to address some of the sun damage you were fighting with the Efudex to begin with.


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