Will IPL Help Red Marks from TCA Peel, Exacerbated by Fraxel?

2 years ago I had a series of 3 TCA-peels which I was very pleased with, except for some red streaks left on my upper lip, exactly where I had tiny wrinkles before. It looks like the TCA pooled in the wrinkles and gave me a deeper peel there. My skin became very smooth and the red streaks faded somewhat given time. A month ago I had Fraxel to help skin texture, but unfortunately Fraxel made the red streaks on my upper lip reappear - bright red again. Will IPL help this? Other suggestions?

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IPL and red marks

If Fraxel exaccerbated the problem, I would be relluctant to use any form of laser or light energy that produced heat to treat this. That being said, I would opt for treatment with a pulsed dye laser for redness rather than the IPL.

Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Red marks after fractional laser may represent post inflammatory pigmentation

Red marks after fractional laser may represent post inflammatory pigmentation. Alternatively these may represent small scars. It is best to see your dermatologist.

Edward Lack, MD
Chicago Dermatologist
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