IPL or Photofacial for Upper Lip Pigmentation?

A couple of years ago, I noticed that the area above my upper lip was a shade darker than the rest of my face. I've been better about staying away from the sun and wear sunscreen regularly, but the area just won't fade (sometimes the darker pigment isn't as prominent). Aside from many skin lightening creams and regular facials, I've not sought any other treatment.

Just recently, I came across IPL / Photofacial treatments and am doing my research. Would this be a way for me to go or are there other alternatives? I'm getting very self-conscious about it. Thanks.

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IPL for lip pigment

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IPL/Photofacial would work for this quite nicely. I have usually seen good success in this area with Triluma which combines a hydroquinone, a weak steroid and a Retinoid. If you have not tried that first, I would recommend that.

Incidentally, a recent paper suggested that this was caused by waxing this area and then leaving it suceptible to darkening via your own internal hormones ( or expgenous birth control pills or hormone replacement) and the sun.

Do be sure to use a sunscreen. Otherwise any effort goes for naught.

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