Can IPL or Photofacial Cause Skin to Thin over Time?

I am a 47 year old female with reddish hair and freckled skin. I had IPL done about a year ago, and it worked great on my sun damage and freckles, and even made my skin feel softer. However, my skin is thinning and losing elasticity, very dramatically and quickly. I was wondering if the IPL treatments I had done could cause this or if I'm just getting older. (I am doing bio-identical hormone replacement therapy also.) I have two treatments left and I'm afraid to use them!

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IPL does not thin skin

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IPL is a light-based treatment. It only affects the top layers of the skin, targeting pigment irregularities. It doesn't have the ability to thin skin, or cause fat or volume loss. If you are experiencing that, it's either due to the natural aging process or something else. IPL cannot do this and you have no reason to fear your last two treatments.

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