IPL Photo Facial. What Happens if a Darkened Area "Flaked" Too Soon?

After the first day, I rubbed to hard under my eyes and a part of the Darkened area (where I had a brown spot) flaked off. It was obviously too Soon because it is now super red underneath, almost like an open wound. I'm scared this will leave a scar. Any suggestions what I should do or what the after effects will be???

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I would encourage you to keep the area moist and to avoid sun exposure to the area.  After and IPL treatment, you want to be gentle to your skin.  Allow for the dark spots to flake off on their own.  

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Dark spot from IPL FotoFacial flaked off too soon

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Be nice to your skin! Don't rub it harshly in general. Be kind to it. I would recommend cool water and hydrocortisone (available from any pharmacy over the counter for a few dollars). Apply that a few times a day to keep the redness at bay. It will help tremendously and can be used in general after future procedures too.

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