Can IPL on One Part of the Body Cause a Cold Sore Somewhere Else?

I have had IPL on my buttocks.I have never had a cold sore in my life, but I m getting itching, tingling in a corner of my mouth and have a small red spot there.Is this just a coincidence?

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IPL treatments....

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Strictly coincidence!!!!!  IPL treatments to your buttocks does not have anything to do with a small red spot on your corner of your mouth showing up.  Sorry.

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IPL and cold sores

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Cold sores can arise from IPL but only when the IPL is flashed right on that spot. You can't have a treatment on your buttocks and get a cold sore on your lips. That would be coincidence. Cold sores arise from trauma, so if you were excessively nervous about the treatment and bit or injured your lips, that could have caused it at this point. But just the flashing of the IPL on your buttocks could not cause a cold sore on your face.

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