Laser Treatments vs. IPL - Which is Better? Which Lasts Longer?

Hi there,I am a North Indian age 24,and am thinking of doing the IPL or Laser treatments but am confused to which is better and which would last longer. I am a fair indian skin type and has black hair growth. I have been shaving and waxing and plucking on time to time . I would like to use one of these on my face,hands, legs,underarms, bikini line. Also I am aware there are different types of laser available if laser is the option , would you kindly advise which type of laser is good .L

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IPL vs other laser treatments

It is safer to perform any laser procedure on a light skinned individual versus a darker skinned individual. However, one must look at ones heritage in order to determine what might not be immediately apparent during an exam. Lighter skinned people with one dark skinned parent are at a greater risk than people with 2 light skinned parents. That being said, some lasers can indeed be used to remove hair even on deeply pigmented skin such as African or African American skin. Specifically, the ND:Yag laser is a safe hair removal procedure for pigmented individuals. While it was once thought, the IPL is not an effective hair removal treatment.

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