Best IPL Laser for Rosacea?

My rosacea can't be controlled with Metrocream and Retin-A (metrocreme makes a significant improvement). Finacea and metrogel burn and irritate my skin making the rosacea worse. I get sick from oral antibiotics.

I keep reading that IPL could really improve my skin. I'm hoping to find out which types of IPL would be best. I have type II skin, thin skin, I’m 33, other sun damage, I am starting to get thickening of the skin. I have mild/moderate adult acne.

Rosacea symptoms/types are redness, broken blood vessels, bumps, and starting to get scarring, overall texture is really getting worse.

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Different Lasers for Each Patient's Individualized Situation

At my practice we offer V-Beam Perfecta laser and FotoFacial IPL treatments for rosacea sufferers. The V-Beam uses micropulse laser technology to treat the flushing and redness associated with rosacea. FotoFacial emits intense pulses of laser light to penetrate the skin’s deeper layers and minimize the appearance of rosacea symptoms, broken facial veins, and visible capillaries.

FotoFacial’s non-ablative technology doesn’t impact the surface of the skin. Instead, FotoFacial’s broad-based light impacts both the red color of hemoglobin inside small vessels (causing thermal destruction) and the brown pigment in the outer layer of skin (causing lightening of age spots). The heating in both areas stimulates collagen production helping improve fine lines.

IPL treatments are operator dependent. Although some may be easier to use, each IPL unit can be tuned to skin type as well as target (i.e., red veins, pigmentation). They may also be supercharged with photodynamic therapy to further help the acne component. Although patients with acne and rosacea may still require topical and /or systemic meds, some are able to reduce or discontinue their meds. The red component is almost always improved and patients also reap the benefits of the pigmentation reduction and overall skin rejuvenation.

Visit a dermatologist with experience in laser treatments to determine which treatment would be best for your particular skin type.

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