Safe Cosmetic Treatments with IPL Rosacea Treatment?

In order to stop the flaring I need more IPLs but am concerned of the fillers beneath the skin.Any other ideas instead of IPL/Lasers? topicals dont work either

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Restylane and Laser Treatments

Depending on the laser and the intensity of the treatment, the laser may break down fillers more quickly. However, if it is not a concern to break down the fillers, then it is safe to use lasers/IPL on top of the Restylane.

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Rosacea Flare Solutions

If your rosacea is flaring, and topicals don't work, IPL almost always will.  Also oral antibiotics prescribed by your dermatologist.  I would not worry too much about Restylane placed properly in the skin in the past, the IPL should not bother the Restylane.  I would however get your Rosacea under control with a great Board Certified Dermatologist who can help you! 

Rebecca Baxt, MD
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