IPL Laser Blisters Normal?

I had IPL laser on Wed and have several blisters on my cheeks from it. Is it normal and how do I treat them? Thanks

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It sounds like the settings for the IPL machine were too high, causing a possible burn to your skin.  I would recommend that you see a physician for follow-up so the proper post care can be followed.

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IPL Laser Blisters

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No, this is not normal and is a sign that the machine was set too high, or the technician didn't have full contact with the skin. I would definitely call the office and make sure they know what happened. This is a burn. Assuming you went to an office under the care of a physician, please call the office and set an appointment asap to be seen. You need to take precautions so the blisters don't result in permanent damage. If your office doesn't have a physician you can see, then get an appointment with a dermatologist.

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