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I just had an IPL treatment done today. I'm concerned because I just read from Dr. Mary Lupo's comment that pregnancy hormones can accelerate or precipitate melasma. We are trying to conceive via In vitro fertilisation (IVF) and I may be pregnant in 4 days. How long does the effect of a IPL last and cause acceleration or precipitation of melasma if my IVF treatment is successful in four days? Should I decline hormonal drugs if I'm afraid of this?

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Melasma can be prevented after IVF

Melasma can be prevented if you practice strict ultraviolet light avoidence. You should never leave the house without a sunscreen that contains adequate UVA protection. The SPF measures only the UVB protection and melasma is primarily caused by UVA exposure.

The best UVA blockers are zinc, titanium, avobenzone and mexoryl. Check the active ingredients on your moisturizers, sunscreens and/or makeups to make sure it contains one of the above ingredients. UVA rays can pass through glass, so make sure you have adequate protection when sitting next to a window or driving in a car as well. Seeking shade whenever possible and wearing a hat will also help prevent melasma.

IPL results will last for years if you do not have unprotected ultraviolet light exposure. Having had IPL should not have any effect on whether you develop melasma.

You should focus on having a healthy pregnancy. Although necessary hormonal drugs may predispose you to melasma, if you utilize safe sun practices it should not be an issue. Keep also in mind that if you do develop melasma it can be treated successfully after your pregnancy with bleaching agents and chemical peels.

Best of luck with your IVF!

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