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I'm stationed overseas in Japan, and the language barrier does not make it possible for me to find a clinic. I found a good price on a Biotechnique SPL 800. I understand the limitations of IPL treatment (hair reduction vs. hair removal), but with all the astroturfing being done to promote the machines, I'm having a hard time finding a reliable review. My question is; will this machine (a higher end model) perform similar to what I would expect to find at a clinic? Thanks in advance.

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Will Home IPL work for permanent hair removal?

Hi Apo.  Not only would we not suggest using an at home IPL device for hair removal but we would not even suggest using an IPL device at a medical clinic - that is if you want permanent hair removal.  

There are some great lasers for permanent hair removal, including the Lumenis Lightsheer, Cynosure Apogee and Sciton Profile (depends on your skin type), but IPL is not a laser and therefore is an inferior technology that will not lead to permanent hair removal.  If getting treatment overseas is not an option, we would recommend waiting until you get back to the states rather than using an at home device.  

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