Is IPL Harmful? Or Good to Improve my Skin?

I have keratosis pilaris and I'm researching various treatments people have used to treat this skin condition. Reading up on IPL being used to treat keratosis is bringing up a lot of conflicting experiences. What's the truth? And apart from just exfoliating and moisturising what other treatment options do I have? (I want to even my skin tone mainly.) AND what's the difference between IPL and laser hair removal?!

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IPL won't do much to help keratosis pilaris. Glycolic, Mandelic/Malic and Lactic acid lotions can help

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Keratosis pilaris has small scaly bumps that feel like course sand paper.  The Glycolic, Mandelic/Malic and Lactic acid lotions can help smooth the bumps is used as part of your daily routine.  M2 is a very nice product for this problem.  If the skin is also red or inflammed, a mild topical cortisone cream or lotion can also help.  Multiple treatments with a fractional laser like the Fraxel re:store laser may help some patients. 

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