Can IPL Hair Removal Also Help Reduce Hyperpigmentation?

I have fair olive skin and acne however, I have fine dark hair and am thinking to get it treated. I am worried that as my acne leaves hyperpigmented scars so would the IPL treatment. I have been to some practitioners who claim that IPL should help with the scaring, acne and also the hair. Where as others say that when the intensity of light is increased for the final few treatments then it may leave slight scaring. I would seriously like to get it done. Any suggests on whether I should take the plunge. Thank you for the help!

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IPL treatments may reduce hair growth and reduce hyperpigmentation.

You should consult several physicians regarding your desire for IPL treatments. Olive skin needs to be treated with lower settings than white skin. Also, fine hair will not respond as well as coarse hair. If you have acne scarring that is dark, this may lighten with your treatments.

I hope this is helpful for you.

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