Intense Pulsed Light Therapy - a Solution for Everything?

IPL is often marketed as a solution for everything; pigmentation problems, hair removal, acne as well as minor breakouts, scars of all types, fine lines, spider veins, etc. I would love to find something that would work for all of the above but it sounds too good to be true! Do IPL treatments really work for all of those things when handled by a board certified physician or is there anything else that does? I am looking for full body treatments that work. Not interested in surgery, injections or topical products with chemicals.

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IPL will not do everything that you listed

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IPL is not the fountain of youth . It can help reduce blotchy pigmentation and reduce erythema and redness associated with rosacea. In our long experience using various IPL devices it will not treat fine lines, scars, noticeable spider veins, or scars . Just remember when the only tool in a doctor's or salon's toolbox is a hammer then everything starts looking like a nail! Be careful you are not the nail!

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