IPL for Reducing Facial Hair or Stubble?

I am considering IPL treatment to reduce the appearance of my stubble/facial hair, especially around the chin. I'm most probably looking at one treatment. I would also like to know if in the future, I wanted to grow a beard or some facial hair, is there any method of which I can go about acheiving this? Many thanks!

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IPL Treatment for Hair Removal

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IPL treatment may reduce some of the facial hair/stubble, but in many cases, it takes a couple of treatments to see a noticeable difference. If you are wanting the hair reduced temporarily however, with the option of it coming back, I would not do the IPL. For some it may come back, but in others it has been permanent.

If you are definitely wanting permanent hair removal, then I would look at having laser treatment with a Candela laser. We have multiple hair removal lasers in my office, and we do have the IPL as well. Typically, we do not use the IPL for hair removal. The Candela lasers are far superior in my opinion for this. Many of our patients with brown and black hair have one to two treatments and the hair is gone with no need for additional sessions. For lighter hair, it takes 4-8 treatments on average.

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