Is IPL a Good Solution for Dark Circles in a Young Olive Complexion, Bi-racial (Black & Asian) Woman?

I am bi-racial (Black & Asian) and have had darck purple-ish circles under my eyes since I was a teen. I have a medium olive complexion. Would I be a good candidate for IPL or Laser treatment? I have been told that I may not be because of my skin color & the possible side effects. Is this true. And if so what are my other options?

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IPL or ? for Dark circles under the eyes

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Judging by your photo, your dark circles look like more the result of hollowness and shadowing as opposed to true discoloration.  Rather than laser or IPL treatment I would actually suggest finding someone who has experience in using Restylane in the tear trough and under eye area.  I think your results with a filler will be far more effective and satisfying to you than any laser treatment.


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