IPL Fotofacial, is It Worth It? (photo)

I'm 39 and was told this is one of the treatments I should do to get a refreshed look. I love my skin but do have a tiny bit of freckles and some wrinkles. I've looked at reviews and it seems maybe the risk of damage may be higher than the benefit. My sister who has the same skin ended up with Melasma and needed a laser peel after. Do I need it if there isn't major damage? Would a chemical peel be more appropriate. I will add a pic from 2 weeks ago. I do have a tiny bit of make up on in the pic.

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Almost everyone can benefit from photofacial treatments.

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As we age the collagen production begins to decrease and eventually cease. Studies have proven the effects on collagen production increase dramatically by having IPL, BBL Fotofacial type treatments. Not only will you see a difference in pigmentation issues but will in fact aid your skin in slowing the aging process. We have found the Sciton BBL is a great tool and our patients are very satisfied with the results they achieve after just one treatment.

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IPL Fotofacial, is it worth it?

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I would say from your photo you could definitely benefit from IPL FotoFacial. However, I would remind anyone that doing these types of treatments should be done in experienced offices with the direct supervision of a physician. There are many kinds of IPL machines, and different ways to do the treatments. Find an office with a physician on-site, and do your homework. Also, side note, melasma isn't created by IPL - it's impossible. It's created by hormonal changes, and excessive sun, not IPL under any circumstances.

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