IPL ok for Rosacea Treatment in Darker Skin?

I am a lighter skinned woman of East Indian origin. I have rosacea which has worsened over the last year, despite topical treatments. In the past I have had v beam laser treatments with success for redness/blood vessels. However, about 2 months ago I had a treatment to which I had a bad reaction with welts and a rosacea flare. My dermatologist is stating that they would not do more v beam treatments but would suggest IPL. Is IPL for rosacea safe for darker skin types?

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IPL for darker skin

It is imperative that you seek a good, very experienced office for this. Settings for IPL in darker skinned people need to be very well controlled and monitored. If not, it is easy to burn someone and the effects of a burn can be permanent. Make sure the office you are going to is extremely well versed in treating darker skin tones with IPL and that a physician is overseeing every treatment.

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