IPL for Asian Skin, Am I a Candidate?

I m just wondering if the dosage for IPL treatment dosage/protocol/machine has to be different for the asian skin. I m mainly looking at improving my slightly sun damaged and aged skin; as well as improving my skin tone. I m a bit concerned if they used the same protocol for caucasians would cause problems to my skin? thanks

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It depends on your skin type and what settings are being used.  The more pigment there is in the skin, the greater the risk of complications.  I would consult with your physician prior to any treatment.

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IPL for Asians

IPL can safely and effectively improve overall skin tone and reduce signs of sun damage even for Asian skin. Not all IPL machines are the same. They differ in power, wavelength, pulse width and other factors that can affect the outcome. Different range of settings are used for different skin types. I recommend that you go to a reputable clinic for proper evaluation prior to treatment. Asians and darker skin types have a higher risk for complications. At our office we provide test spots prior to your procedure to further reduce the risk of complications and optimize your treatment outcomes. 

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