I am 64 yrs old and have age spots on my hands. I have thin skin and blue veins popping out. How will IPL affect my veins?

hi.. my hands have several age spots now that make me look older then I feel! I am concerned about the very thin skin and I have blue veins that always seem to be popping out.. My concern, is how this procedure might effect these veins right under the surface? What does this intense hot light due to the undrlaying veins there? thanks BB

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IPL effect on veins

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IPL, when performed correctly, will not do anything to the deep veins even though you are seeing them. IPL for rejuvenation of the hands is a great procedure and something we do everyday in our clinic. Make sure you are using a skilled provider and this should make a great improvement for you.

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IPL to hands

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IPL is an effective treatment for certain types of brown spots on the hands - but not all brown spots. So, first it needs to be determined what type of brown spots you have. The hands often have lentigos which simply cannot be treated with IPL and are usually treated with something like cyrotherapy liquid nitrogen. Thus, usually a combination of IPL and cryotherapy are what I recommend for the hands.

IPL (which is a light) is a very surface treatment. Unlike a true laser, it doesn't have the ability to penetrate very deeply into the skin so it will not affect the blue veins there. If you want to treat those, you would need to consult a dermatologist or hand specialist about possible sclerotherapy.

Also, wear sunscreen daily on your hands. This is one of the most overlooked areas of the body. People say "I don't go out in the sun." But when you drive your hands are directly within the sun's rays through the windshield. You'd be surprised how much sun they get!

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