IPL for Flushing Skin and Pores?

My dermatologist said that my flushing stems from a genetic factor, drinking alcohol and coffee, and being in the sun.

I see how all of those factors dilate the blood vessels on my face, but my face has been like this ever since high school when I didn't drink coffee or drink alcohol.

They also say that IPL treatment would only last for about a year if I didn't change these lifestyle habits. How correct are they? Oh, and would it help shrink my pores?

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IPL does help with the APPEARANCE of flushing, but the underlying cause is still there.

Thank you for your question.

IPL targets the blood vessels that result in the appearance of flushing, but does not get rid of the cause of flushing - this is a genetic reason and can not be fixed with a laser. You may also consider using Doxycycline, Metrogel, Finacea, or Elidel to help with the flushing appearance. Keep in mind that, even if you undergo 6 treatments with an IPL, you may need yearly treatments to maintain the results. This is because the underlying cause for your flushing / rosacea hasn't changed.

IPL will do nothing for pores. Ablative fractional resurfacing lasers may help, but there is not hard and true way to reduce pore size.

Hope this helps!

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