IPL for Fat Loss?

I have heard so much lately concerning fat loss with IPL's but it is my understanding that it is the RF in lasers that cause fat loss. I am due to have an IPL next month and I would appreciate info on this. Thank you.

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IPL for fat loss?


I am assuming that you are referring to the process of photorejuvenation when you refer to an IPL treatment.

The IPL device that I know of very well was first developed by ESC in the early 1990's Since then there have been more that 15 different companies and each product has a twist on either how the light is filtered, adding suction, electrical current, etc. So to discuss each device and it's +/- is beyond the scope of this Blog. If any IPL company "could" reduce fat without damaging the overlying dermis, they would have seized this opportunity as fat reduction is a very big market.

When used correctly, you should not experience a visible, undesirable change in contour with IPL devices. Devices that perform photorejuvenation using an electrical current as a component can focus the energy below the skin and cause fat damage if the settings are not correct or there other patient health factors which affect outcome.

So used correctly, patients do not have undesirable visible changes in contour due to fat loss in my experience. Having said this, you can have fat damage if the devices are not used correctly. Operator experience is very important as it relates to safety and efficacy.

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IPL does not affect underlying fat.

Dear Barbara,

I have been using a Palomar StarLux IPL for hair removal, and PhotoFacials for years. I have not seen fat-loss as a problem. I don't think fat-loss is possible with IPL, since the light energy does not penetrate through the skin.

Best regards.

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