IPL Facial Considerations

The price range varies so much among practioners offering IPL facials. I’m price shopping IPL facials and I’m curious to know if there is a way to determine the best equipment, treatment or practioner?

What questions should I ask in order to determine the best and most effective treatment for my money? Some list medical grade equipment - is there really a difference?

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There are a variety of lasers marketed as IPL, but only a few offer the best results

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IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light. IPL is a light based photorejuvenation treatment utilizing a filtered broad spectrum of light to target the brown and red spots in the skin. There are several reasons that the price varies from office to office and location to location. The technology itself can vary from one piece of equipment to another. Some of these IPL systems are marketed to spa-like locations and don't have as much "power" to get you your best results.

In addition, many of these facilities don't have the physician either performing the procedure or even on site. Overall, your best results may come from a location where either the physician is on site and supervising the RN or PA or performing the procedure themselves. Based on my experience, I have seen excellent results with the IPL Lumenis One. Patients tend to get a good lifting off of their sun damage with less treatments and little to no downtime. Good luck in refreshing your skin.

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