IPL While on Cipromil?

I am interested in having IPL to treat my redness, but am on Cipromil and have been told that this could make me photosensitve to the treatment. What does this mean?

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Cipromil Photosensitivity Reaction

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Cipromil ( Celexa) can infrequently cause a photosensitivity reaction. This would mean that you might develop a sunburn like reaction. Actually only a few people on this drug would develop this type of reaction.

Celexa has a relatively short half-life of 37 hours. Your physician might suggest waiting a few days off Cipromil before allowing you to have an IPL treatment.

I suspect, with the burgeoning use of light devices by medically untrained personnel, many patients on photosensitivity-producing medications (sulfa drugs, phenothiazines, etc.) have had uneventful IPL treatments.

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