IPL Under Eyes to Reduce Dark Circles- Will Results Continue To Improve In First Week?

I had my first IPL therapy performed under my eyes to help reduce the apperance of dark circles. I can see dramatic improvement (day three. I was wondering if the result will continue to improve or am I see the final results. I have read that typically the results continue to improve over the first week, is this true? Will I continue to see improvements with additional IPL sessions?

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Dark Circles under the eyes have multiple causes with specific treatments.

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Darks circles are usually caused by abnormal pigment, shadows caused by hollowness or a dark blue hue caused by veins.   Superficial pigment in light skin may be treated with IPL.  Pigment is dark skin may appear to improve after IPL and then may even come back darker without continued effective skin care maintenance.   Dark veins can be treated with the Long Pulse YAG laser (not a treatment to be attempted by a novice).  Hollow shadows can be treated by surgery or filler depending on the patient needs.  

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