Eye Sensitivity from IPL?

While getting IPL for dark circles, I noticed that one zap above my eye caused a noticeable pain on the bone under my eyebrow. Since then (yesterday), that same eye is extremely sensitive to light and I have a monster headache.

I'm unclear whether the IPL triggered a migraine (which I have one maybe every few years) or whether I've gotten eye damage. Thoughts?

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Questionable Treatment

I am curious as to why you are having IPL treatments to treat your dark circles. Do you have sun damage under the eye or is actually just "dark" circles? The delicate skin under the eyes is a area on the body where the skin is extremely thin, therefore you have to be careful when treating that area. I do believe its a possibility that the IPL could have triggered the migraine. If your "light" sensitive and you eyes weren't protected properly from the light then perhaps it caused you some side effects. I do think it will pass in a few days and you will be OK. I would report any problems your experiencing with the physician who performed your treatments.

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