Is IPL Effective for my Skin? (photo)

Hello, I have very red cheeks & nose. They get easily red by cold weather, alcohol, sugar and so on.. So I went to a doctor who uses IPL to treat redness. She told me it could be rosacea and she could reduce the redness, but not cure it. I would need about 3 treatments, each €175. Do you think it works for me? cause I tried so much like cremes, dieet etc.. I don't expect the redness will be gone, but just want it to reduce to a pink colour. Check picture for current condition. Thanks!

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IPL treatments can be very effective for rosacea.  You will need a series of treatments.  It is very important that you see someone who is skilled at using the laser and does this regularly.  

Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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IPL for Rosacea? Other choices can potentially work better

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IPL can help, but for managing intense redness of Rosacea, you may be better off with a vascular laser. Your description of what causes the flareups certainly describes Rosacea and all those triggers have to be factored in.

There are medications specifically for Rosacea and if used consistently they do help. Still, the triggers like alcohol, spicy foods, cold weather and others will remain a part of the problem.

You will "feel" Vbeam treatments more than IPL, but for a more pronounced reduction of redness, it may be a better option. If the doctor who suggested IPL does not have a vascular laser, you might want to seek out one who does offer IPL and vascular laser for a balanced opinion as to which one would be your best choice.

Rebecca Fitzgerald, MD
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For treatment of fine red vessels the Candela V-Beam is unequaled

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Though I agree with the other comments that IPL can be very effective for the fine vessels of rosacea , I also agree with the comments that you must be careful as to who is doing the treatments and what machine is being used. I much prefer to use the Candela V-Beam for these fine vessels,as the parameters can be set much more precisely to correspond to the size of the vessels being treated, allowing more effective treatment and fewer sessions.

Richard Fitzpatrick, MD (in memoriam)
San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon

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IPL for Red Cheeks.

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Yes, IPL is great for your condition.  Multiple treatments will be needed. 

Consider getting a prescription from your provider as well for Rosacea.



Dr. Grant Stevens          Marina Plastic Surgery Associates         Marina del Rey, CA        The Institute


Grant Stevens, MD
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IPL Effective for Rosacea and Red Cheeks due to Blood Vessels

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IPL is Effective for Rosacea and Red Cheeks due to Blood Vessels. There are various companies that make IPL devices and there is a handful of exceptionally dependable and powerful intense pulse light devices, such as the Icon by Palomar. The specific range of light wavelengths to treat rosacea and blood vessels is in the green spectrum of visible light (Green IPL) and may also stimulate low level collagen production, improve fine skin texture and minimize pore size. 

IPL redness and rosacea

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Yes! absolutely it will work. It is about 3 sessions spread one month apart. This helps redness and it also helps increase collagen production as well. 


Janice Lima-Maribona, DO
Miami Dermatologist

Is IPL effective for rosacea

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Combined with effective topicals and proper sunscreen, IPL is effective for rosacea, as long as the person doing your treatments does them properly and with good machinery! I usually recommend a series of 5 treatments, and then maintenance treatments every 4-6 months or so, especially for people with rosacea (rather than skin rejuvenation and/or sun damage) to help keep the redness and flushing at bay. My office has done over 150,000 IPL treatments and have many patients with extreme rosacea who do these treatments and get great results.

Rosacea treatment with IPL

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Your description and photograph are consistent with rosacea and it can be well treated with a series of IPL treatments as well as topical medications and avoiding associated triggers causing flare ups.

Best Regards,

Jacque P. LeBeau, MD

Jacque P. LeBeau, MD
Pensacola Facial Plastic Surgeon

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