IPL Recommended for Dry Eyes?

I read a report about IPL stimulating the oil glands around the eye area and therefore, releaving dry eyes symtoms. My dry eye is due to perimentapause. Would having this for my dry eyes be a good idea?

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Does Not Make Sense

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Was this an article in the medical literature? This does not make too much sense to me. Tears consist of a mixture of oil produced by Meibomian glands, and water produced by the lacrimal glands with some mucus thrown in. Meibomian glands are essentially sebaceous glands.

Dry eyes occur when either there is an imbalance of these elements, or not enough tears at all.

As one ages there is less tear production. This occurs in both sexes but tends to be more severe in women and you are correct in that menopause seems to aggrevate this problem. You might catch our radio show from today ( May 28th) in which we discussed menopause and its effects on the skin and hair with Dr. Henry Hess, a world authority on the subject.

You might also make sure that you do not have a collagen vascular disease such as rheumatoid arthritis or systemic lupus. Dry eyes are secondary to these conditions, in a syndrom called Sjogren's Syndrome.

It does not make biologic sense to me that an IPL device would stimulate either the lacrimal glands or the Meibomian glands. Whatsmore, the IPL and the attendant eye protection would have to be very precise to allow the light to treat only those glands and leave the eye itself unaffected.

Perhaps, you or one of the very capable opthamologists on this site could enlighten me.

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