IPL for Darker Age Spots?

Lately I have had age spots pop up in random areas all over my body. I have tried creams, etc and its going to take too long and is expensive. Would I get IPL spot treated in these areas to get rid of them?

I have seen two dermatologists and both turned me down because some of the age spots are so dark they look similar to a mole. I have had IPL on my face and it made similar spots flake off. Is there anyone I can see to help me feel more comfortable in my skin please?

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IPL for dark spots

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You should consider the opinion of the 2 dermatologists.  Moles, seborrheic keratoses, sun spots and melanoma can all look similar.  If these spots are seborrheic keratoses, the dermatologist may be able to treat them with liquid nitrogen, which is not a costly treatment.  Please return to the dermatologist for assessment. 

Toronto Dermatologist

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I do think IPL can help with your concern as long as you have a thorough skin check by a dermatolgist to make sure you have no spots that may need to be biopsied. If the Dr. can determine that its just sun spots, IPL would be great at helping lighten up or remove the sun damage. If two dermatologist have already checked your skin and determined that the spots could be moles, I'm thinking you might want a biopsy to make sure what exactly the spots could be. You might returnj to get answers so you can start to correct your concerns.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist

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