Dark Patches After IPL Treatment

After several IPL treatments, most of my freckles are gone, but I got a small dark patch on the treated area which I didn't have before. The treated area was clear 5 days after the treatment, and few weeks later, a dark patch starts to develop in this area. How can I get rid of this dark patch?

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Dark patch after IPL

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As Dr. Kulick pointed it out, it may be that you have Melasma that is now visible because it has been brought on by the IPL treatments. The other possibility is that the treatment may have caused some trauma that has reveled itself in the healing phase as a darkening of the skin in the area of treatment.

We treat trauma and Melasma differently. For Melasma, we stick to Hydroquinone treatments ranging between 6% pads and creams and 14% in office masks. For traumatic pigmentation (traumatic Hyperpigmentation or PIH) we treat it with q-switched lasers.

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Dark patch

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 this maybe due to the "patch" being a component of Melasma.  Very difficult condition and may be "hiding" under sun damaged skin.  Consult a doctor that understands this.

Michael Kulick, MD, DDS
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